Recycled Material

At Global Relocation, all our materials are recyclable (E.g Ecokraft) and  selected for their  protection level.



Corbeille bleue PAPREC

Global Relocation has chosen to collaborate with the paprec group, a specialist materials recycling  and  one of the leaders in the sector. Having a real know-how to take care of our boxes, Papers etc… in addition, our proximity to their site allows us to best meet regulatory requirements.

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Fuel Consumption Analysis

A fuel consumption analysis is performed  periodically. This analysis allows us to know the real conditions of use and  measure the consumption, CO2 and Nox emissions of CNG and Diesel trucks.


Drive Tracking

At Global Relocation, safety and respect for the working hours of our drivers are essential. For this, rigorous monitoring of the good behavior of the drivers, break time, driving time is ensured for each transport in order to best preserve the health of our employees.

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Equipment Maintenance

We have our own mechanic as well as a breakdown vehicle that can intervene 24 hours a day. Regular vehicle maintenance is monitored by our operations manager.

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Loads Distribution In The Vehicle

Before each transport, the driver ensures the proper distribution of  loads in his vehicle. This delicate action is essential because it requires rigor in order to guarantee the realization of a transport operation without incident, without accident and as soon as possible. This  training is very often neglected by our colleagues, while  at Global Relocation we attach as much importance to it as our other checkpoints.

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